Sexual harassment

Contact points

These offices offer free advice and support for everyone who has been directly or indirectly being affected by harassment in their working environment or during their studies: victims and harassers, supervisors and HR managers, falsely accused ones and witnesses.

External contact point

The University of Berne has defined the Counselling Centre Universities of Bern as an external contact point for students and staff. The external contact point offers free advice and support. It will provide you with information on possible procedures, accompany and supports you in talks with superiors or those involved, and discusses with you any further steps you might like or need to take. The contact persons are sworn to absolute secrecy and only initiate further steps if you explicitly want them to do so.

Counselling Centre Universities of Bern

The advisors know the University’s system, are personally and institutionally independent and can offer you free legal advice.

Contact: Pia Thormann, Fachpsychologin für Psychotherapie FSP,

Internal contact points at the University of Bern

At the University of Bern, the following contact points are responsible for the issue of sexual harassment. The University of Bern has a duty to take messages concerning sexual harassment seriously and to act situational and adequately (Action Required):

In case of sexual harassment, superiors and the HR management have a duty to act. That means they have to report the case and take action. Should that not correspond with your wish, you can initially turn to the external contact point.

For the staff of the Insel Group

Further informationen (internal website): employment agency

  • free online advice and support in different languages
  • Schlichtungsbehörde Bern-Mittelland
    Effingerstrasse 34, 3008 Bern
    Telefon 031 635 47 50
    Die Schlichtungsbehörde führt unter Telefon 031 635 47 60 kostenlose Rechtberatungen durch
  • Lantana, Fachstelle Opferhilfe bei sexueller Gewalt für Frauen
    Aarbergergasse 36, 3011 Bern
    Telefon 031 313 14 00
    Online Beratungsangebot unter
  • Fachstelle Gewalt Bern, vertraulich und anonyme Gewaltberatung
    Hotline 0 765 765 765
  • VPOD, Sektion Bern
    Monbijoustrasse 61, 3007 Bern
    Telefon 031 371 67 45
  • Bernischer Staatspersonalverband BSPV
    Postgasse 60, Postfach, 3000 Bern 8
    Telefon 031 311 11 66