Sexual harassment


Practical Workshops - 23. March 2022 - National Day Against Sexual Harassment in Higher Education

As part of 23 March 2022, the national day against sexual harassment at universities, two practical workshops on the topic of sexual harassment will be held at the University of Bern. 

The line between harmless flirting, friendly interaction and sexual harassment is often difficult to draw - also at university.  How can I defend myself early and effectively if a situation makes me uncomfortable? Where do I go for help and support? When and how do I intervene as a colleague or fellow student? How do I show moral courage in situations of sexual harassment?


Action week 2021

The action week against sexual harassment took place at the University of Bern from 30 April to 7 May 2021. Various events offered students, lecturers and staff the opportunity to deal with the topic of sexual harassment and to deepen their knowledge.


Christian Leumann, Rector University of Bern