Sexual harassment

Procedure for witnesses

The university management asks all staff and students to contribute to a respectful and trusting working atmosphere which prevents sexual harassment. If you should witness somebody being harassed, take heart and

  • Take a stand
  • Offer your support to the victim
  • Confront the harasser
  • Or contact the respective office

As an observer you can save the victim a lot of suffering. Could be that you’ll get up some people’s noses – but taking a stand in public is always a bit uncomfortable, isn’t it? This is how you can effectively support the victim:

  • Don’t laugh at (yet another) sexist remark or joke.
  • Talk to the person concerned if you suspect or witness that she or he is being harassed.
  • Encourage them to put up a fight.
  • Accompany the person to meetings with superiors, the HR department or the contact point if they so wish.
  • Do nothing without the consent of the victim!
  • Make yourself available as a witness.
  • Draw the attention of your superiors and the HR department or your lecturer to the situation.